With each passing day the time seems to go by faster and faster. It makes me wonder if time will ever slow down or if the days, weeks and even months of my life will continue to all blur together. Wow, that was deep. Welcome to another edition of The Weekend Chronicles, the weekly series that details all the crazy and exciting things that happened over the weekend. Sit back and enjoy!

Chipotle Mexican Grill - Burrito Bowl
Chipotle Mexican Grill – Burrito Bowl

If there is one thing that all of my Fridays in the past month have had in common, it is that I get the same thing for lunch each time. What do I indulge in you might be asking? Chipotle! Now I consider myself somewhat of a foodie so I understand that it is not authentic or “real” Mexican cuisine but it has proven to be a delicious and quality meal to begin the best part of the week with, the weekend, so I’m not going to ruin a good thing. If for some crazy reason you haven’t tried Chipotle yet, I highly suggest doing so immediately. Let me know what you think! I’m biased so when it comes to Chipotle Mexican Grill, I give it a 5 out of 5 sporks.

New Dress Shoes On Fleek
New Dress Shoes

Friday evening was filled with the dreaded process of purchasing a new pair of dress shoes and a night out on the town with some friends. The reason I had dreaded purchasing a new pair of dress shoes is because I had just recently gotten a new pair around Christmas time and wasn’t prepared to have to cough off the money for another pair so soon. My message to all of you is to not only invest in a quality pair of dress shoes but also be prepared to make the investment of both time and money to take care of them. Some products I suggest looking into are shoe horns, shoes trees, shoe polish and shoe brushes. Also, if your feet tend to sweat a lot I highly suggest finding yourself some quality shoe freshener. In regards to the night on the town, all I’m going to say about that is that it pays to be a regular at a couple of bars or have friends who work at bars come the end of the night.

NIU Huskies Tailgate
NIU Huskies Tailgate

As I awoke on Saturday I was greeted with a generous amount of texts from a group chat that consists of all of my best friends from college and as they do sometimes had already made the decision as to what the festivities for the day would be. The Northern Illinois Huskies were to take on the Ball State Cardinals and we were going to be there. Since we are alumni and no longer get free tickets, we decided to watch the game at the Official Pre and Post Game Headquarters of NIU Athletics, Fatty’s Pub and Grille and Home of the World Famous Cajun Fried Potato Salad, but not before we tailgated at Huskie Stadium. The tailgate as you may have guessed was wild and a little overwhelming for an old fart like me being a fresh 5 months out of college. Fatty’s, on the other hand, is another one of those college town gems that can do no wrong. I have been there countless times and have always left satisfied. Whether you order one of their many delightful sandwiches or decide to have appetizers as a meal, you’ll be happy with the decision that you made. It also has just about any beer that you could ask for which is also a plus too. When it comes to Fatty’s Pub and Grille, I give it 4 out of 5 sporks. Overall, it was great to end the night knowing not only did we get to see the Huskies defeat the Cardinals, but we also got to see the Cubs defeat the Cardinals as well. So altogether it was not a good day to be a Cardinals fan let’s just say that!

TGI Friday's - Jack Daniel's Chicken Sandwich
TGI Friday’s – Jack Daniel’s Chicken Sandwich

Moving onto Sunday, no visit to DeKalb is complete without eating at The Junction. I said it last week and I will say it again, I could order anything on the menu and not be disappointed. Next time I am in town I will be sure to take a picture so that you all can see what I am talking about. Yet again when it comes to The Junction, I give it a 5 out of 5 sporks and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. The rest of Sunday was pretty laid back and involved me binge watching the last few episodes of the third season of American Horror Story and beginning the forth. One more season until I am all caught up and none of you will have to hear me talk about it ever again.

I bet you thought that Sunday was the end of my weekend didn’t you? Normally you would be right but one of the perks of volunteering in a school is that you get off most of the days that students get off. Whether you celebrate Columbus Day or Indigenous People’s Day, I think that for those of us who had the day off, we were just happy going to bed Sunday evening knowing that we had another day of rest and freedom. One of my biggest regrets about Monday is that I did absolutely nothing but let’s be real it’s not really a regret because I enjoyed every minute of it. The only thing worth mentioning is the out of this world chicken sandwich I got at TGI Friday’s. Grilled all-natural chicken topped with a Jack Daniel’s glaze, Applewood-smoked bacon, mixed cheese and Cajun-spiced fried onion strings all on a freshly baked bun. Now if that doesn’t make your mouth water then I don’t know what does.

As always thank you so much for stopping by and if you ever have any suggestions for things that you would like to hear about please do not hesitate to reach out. It’s been a pleasure having you as a part of Jakub’s Corner and if you haven’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. Adios!

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

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