Welcome back! I just want to start off by saying that it is great to see you here again and that I hope you had an excellent weekend. With that being said, I am pleased to introduce you to the newest weekly series here at Jakub’s Corner, The Weekend Chronicles. The Weekend Chronicles will detail all the crazy and exciting things that happened over the weekend. In addition, each week I will aim to outdo the last both for your entertainment and mine. Let’s get started!

Harold's Chicken
Harold’s Chicken

The weekend started off with me trying Harold’s Chicken a.k.a. The Fried Chicken King for the first time and let me tell you was it delicious. For a measly $5.50 you can get yourself a quarter pound of crispy dark meat chicken, crunchy french fries, coleslaw and bread, but that isn’t even the best part. The part of the whole experience that will keep you going back is the mild sauce. It was – for lack of a better word – delightful. Harold’s is known for its uniquely prepared chicken in that it is not fried until it is ordered, which makes for an extremely fresh experience when compared to other fried chicken restaurants. If you haven’t already, I would highly recommend trying Harold’s whenever you get the chance. When it comes to Harold’s Chicken, I give it a 4 out of 5 sporks (sporks are like stars just better). The evening was capped off by having a few adult beverages with friends while playing Drink While You Think. If you haven’t played this game before, it is a great way to test your celebrity knowledge or lack thereof.

Saturday was an early start and the highlight of the weekend. The long awaited Country Bar Crawl in Wrigleyville had finally come and it was time to get the party started. My friends and I awoke early or at least I did; they didn’t actually roll out of bed until I woke them up with my less than pleasant shower renditions of various pop songs. Before long though we threw on our cowboy boots and daisy dukes as we headed for the city for a day of fun in the sun and country music. Throughout the day we had managed to make it to four of Wrigleyville’s best bars: Old Crow, John Barleycorn, Moe’s Cantina and Sluggers. Now if you’ve ever been to these bars you know that they each have their own unique atmosphere and are all a blast in their own way. Old Crow and John Barleycorn are both sunny outdoor bars and very open with sports playing on all the tv’s whereas Moe’s Cantina is darker and has more of a night club feel to it. Sluggers on the other hand is like no other bar I had ever been to. It actually has batting cages where you can take your best drunken shot at hitting baseballs or softballs, whatever you end up choosing. I personally chose softballs after witnessing a friend struggle with baseballs and wanting to feel a little better about myself. Much to my surprise I actually hit more balls than I missed. The night ended with a trip to a local fast food joint (something I am not exactly proud of) and a long train ride back to the suburbs.

As Sunday morning quickly rolled around I asked myself why I signed up to volunteer with work but remembered just how important service is to me and thought what better way to start off my day. I laced up my shoes and headed out the door. I arrived not really knowing what exactly we were doing but being greeted by an ocean of familiar faces put me at ease. Any feelings that I initially had when I woke up were all but gone. Turns out we were going to be walking in the 76th Annual Mexican Independence Day Parade of South Chicago. Although at times I may have felt a little out of place it was awesome in the sense that I got to both experience and celebrate a culture that is very different than my own. It is in moments like these that I find pure bliss. The rest of my day was spent recovering from the weekend’s festivities and preparing for the week ahead. Though I may be a huge advocate of being spontaneous I see great importance in having a plan.

As always I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your life to take a glimpse into mine. I’ll have you know that a significant amount of people tuned in for my first blog and I couldn’t be more appreciative. I’m looking forward to continuing to see that number grow and can’t wait to see where the future takes us. If you haven’t already be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Happy Monday!

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep.” – Author Unknown

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